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On Hiatus

October 8, 2009

Greetings 3x5x60 fans. At the moment I have limited internet access so I’ve suspended my daily stories about the 60 callers. I will resume as soon as possible and finish out the stories.

Thanks for your interest and for reading.




September 16, 2009

If I were Jewish, Isaac would have been a stereotypical dream date. He was both Jewish and a doctor. Not a medical doctor of the caricature but a Ph.D. which was more my nerd fantasy.
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September 15, 2009

Martin was a caller who gave no indication that he read my ad or listened to my message. For all I know he could have been calling random voice mail boxes. Actually it is more likely that Martin chose a bunch of ads to respond to and then left the same message for every one.

These are the entirety of my notes from Martin: He was tall, European and “sophisticated as all Europeans.” He then said that he would like to meet and see if we have anything in common. Well, Martin, darling, I just gave you a detailed list of many things I enjoy. Did you hear anything on that list for which you share love? A simple yes or no will do and will tell you whether or not we have anything in common.

It was not difficult to conclude that meeting to further investigate potential sparks would be a fruitless pursuit. Here’s hoping Martin eventually connected with a nice sophisticated European lady with whom he had lots in common.

Tips For Successful Online Dating

September 15, 2009

Since the world has moved from the back of free newsweeklies, voice mail and 900 numbers, online personal ads are a bit different. Two recent posts give some glimpses at how to make it work in the go-go aughts.

First, dating site OK Cupid has analyzed ads that work and give you some key insights into what to and what not to say in your initial response to an ad.

Second, blogger AV Flox hits submit in her quest to find a compatible “carbon-based life form.”


September 14, 2009

In contrast to the generalities of some of the previous callers, Greg was brief and to the point in his specifics.

All Greg gave me in addition to his phone number was his shared or counter points to to my artistic faves. He also liked James Joyce, Wings of Desire, and Apocalypse Now. Greg added the Grateful Dead and Tears For Fears to the music category. As long as he wasn’t looking for a fellow Dead-Head, we were still good. I went to a Grateful Dead concert once and and a gentleman wearing overalls with one broken strap and no shirt inquired as to whether or not my roommates had any “spare womans.” The charm of that experience aside, I’m not really into jam bands though the 20 minute drum solo was an interesting highlight.

Greg added a few more authors and said that he enjoyed disparate films ranging from Casablanca to Blue Velvet. Certainly Greg was my type in the brains and interests department. This was better than the vague flattery other callers offered. But still it wasn’t enough to get a call back. I need a bit more of surrounding fluff. Not a lot but some. I hope somewhere out there Greg is living happily ever after with the Dead Head girl of his dreams.


September 13, 2009

Pete was all flattery and no substance. While that had a certain appeal to my vanity, he really did not give me enough to go on to choose to call him back out of the crowd.

He said he enjoyed my ad and my voice. If only Pete knew how often I was complimented on my telephone voice he would no that, although compliments are always nice, that one was rather pedestrian for me. His best line was: “Anyone who likes The Wizard of Oz can’t be all bad.” Funny, sweet and true.

Pete was 33 and professional. And that was all he shared. Sweet, funny and complimentary was a good start but I needed more. Given Pete was competing with 50-something other guys, it just wasn’t enough to make the cut.


September 12, 2009

I wish I had called Samuel. Not so much because I think we would have made a great match but more because he was polite, sincere and took some risk and effort to put himself out there and basically ask me for a date. I regret not responding.
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