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August 21, 2009

Jim frightened me more than a little bit. He was confident, bold, direct and claimed to look like Jesus with tattoos.

I tried to pawn Jim off on my friend Squid. Squid is a girl who is famous for getting kicked out of Disneyland for being too punk rock. If anyone could handle a tatted up Jesus it would be Squid.

Jim was a blue-eyed alternative, punk and speed metal fan. I feared he was too fast for me.

He liked his politics alternative and righteous. I could get to that.  But I couldn’t work up the nerve to call Jim back. I was still stuck on the tattoos and Jesus part.

Jim’s college major told me that he was indeed super smart. I remember his call vividly to this day. I have never forgotten. You may have heard the concept that there are only two emotions: love and fear. I wonder if in this case fear kept me from finding love. I don’t know if Jim was meant to be a great love in my life but I do know I wouldn’t be afraid to find out now, speed metal, Jesus hair, tattoos and all.

Some lyrical commentary that doesn’t feel wrong for this story (and just a great song):

[I can’t seem to get video to embed so hang on until I figure it out and in the meantime please click the link above.]

Funkadelic – Can You Get To That (HQ)

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