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September 2, 2009

Bruce was a few years older and probably about my height if I applied the standard probability of 2 inches shorter than claimed. Beyond that Bruce had a wide range of interests and sounded promising. Maybe.

He was a musician in a couple of my favorite styles. Bruce not only liked Astor Piazzolla but named a specific recording that was his favorite. He also enjoyed a range of music from, as he described, R&B to classical and he had gone to graduate school. We were on a roll.

Bruce’s favorite activities were a bit more hit and miss in the copacetic department. His interests included travel, skiing, movies and working out. I loved going to movies, wasn’t yet sure if I loved travel, didn’t know that “working out” would have been of interest to me as a shared activity and was quite certain that I hate to ski. Skiing is of the devil because I suck at it and mostly only fall because my muscle memory says “hey, cold – figure skate!” and trying to figure skate on skis leads to repeated face plants in the snow. Plus the ski lift wig me out badly. So me and a dedicated skier might not make for a love match.

Bruce had a degree in psychology and so I was willing to believe his self-assessment as being intelligent, sensitive and into people. In turn he was looking for a woman who was bright, passionate, slightly crazy and interesting. For friendship. Was Bruce only looking for a friend? A friend with benefits? A friend who could become his companion? Making a good new friend if we weren’t a romantic hit would have been a great outcome in my book but I was looking for a relationship not a friend so that meant I kept looking and listening.

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