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September 7, 2009

Reading over my notes for Edgar’s call has me wishing for a time machine. Sigh. But since I cannot time travel perhaps Edgar will motivate me to someday try again.

Edgar was my age and, like me, a native of Los Angeles and unlike several of the other callers, Edgar was not white: he was Japanese. Another way in which Edgar differed from many of the other callers was in his occupation: he was a mechanic. I think there is a myth that women who are highly educated are not interested in blue collar men. I also think this stereotype is unwarranted and unfair. What nerdy geek girls appreciate, in my humble opinion, is anyone who is passionate, committed and engaged in life but not obsessed to the point of distraction whether their hands wield a pen, wrench or light saber. While Edgar said nothing about how much he loved or did not love his work I would have enjoyed hearing about it either way. And he certainly had a wide range of non-work interests that let me know he had plenty to talk about.

He had an interesting mix of authors he enjoyed, including one on my list. Edgar also shared the book he was reading at the time. His musical tastes were similarly varied and like his taste in books, different than mine but intriguing. And, as with the books, he also picked one from my list to include on his and kicked it up a notch by naming a specific recording he loved. Edgar’s taste in film ran to classics that I believe are fantastic all-time greats.

Edgar wasn’t perfect. He had quit smoking but only a month prior. That only endeared him to me more. He was trying. And engaged guys who read interesting books, listen to a wide variety of great music and enjoy brilliant films who are trying to make their lives better…? Sigh. Be still my beating heart. I’d hope to cross paths with Edgar again but I’d bet that someone paying better attention than I was snapped Edgar up. I hope so and I hope he is living happily ever after.

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