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About Me

My name is Maria. I call this a performance art piece because I have performed a few in the past and I have always used found and spoken words as part of my performances. I also usually incorporate music, song, rap and poetry.

I performed a show as “MC Clown” at BeBop Records in Reseda, California with Willie Aron and Kyle Johnson as my backup band. If you know BeBop, you can imagine what a fun and funky night we had. If not, just know that it was one of the greatest nights of my life.

I also had an opportunity to appear as part of a large, multi-act benefit concert for the Black Rock Coalition‘s Los Angeles chapter when we were raising funds for a Hollywood Walk of Fame star for Jimi Hendrix. Thus, technically, I opened for Cypress Hill. I think I might still have a bit of a contact high.

The last performance I composed was inspired, in part, by the epic break up that spawned the personal ad that is the basis of this project. I never performed it so, in a way, this is an extension of that long lost piece.

*Kyle is a wonderful actor but also a fine musician, as well though I haven’t had much luck in finding a good music link for him.

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