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The Project

In another place and in another lifetime (actually Los Angeles in the early 1990’s) I had my heart broken (actually it felt a bit more like having it ripped from my chest still beating) and I vowed to rise up, find a new love and show him.

And so, I placed a personal ad in a local free weekly paper. Back in the pre-internet era, you wrote a little teaser description and then recorded a longer ad for yourself. The recording went into a blind voice mail box and interested potential suitors would leave you a recorded response.

I ran the ad once and I received 60 responses. I met several of the men who called but realized that neither my head nor my heart were in a place where I was really open to finding a new relationship. When your emotions are bouncing around like a rubber ball in a miniature handball court, it is not the time to try and connect.

At the time of the personal ad I recorded every response on a 3×5 card. I recently found those cards and had a twinge of regret that I wasn’t more open to meeting more of the guys who called and that I never again saw some of those I did meet. But the real story here, at least the amusing part, is that I recorded everything. On 3×5 cards. And I kept them! This is good stuff people, trust me.

That’s the funny. The fascinating is the callers. Guys who self selected as “super smart” (what I said I was seeking in the printed ad) and who were interested in an eclectic gal (my description in the printed ad) and the pieces of themselves they shared in their messages and what intrigues me now reading back over those notes. I’d meet them all now, if I could.

So now you know what 3x5x60 means. Conceptually it is meant to be a performance art piece in the form of a blog.  Imagine me on stage reading this. Each day I will share a story of a different caller. I hope you will find this anthropological time capsule fun and fascinating. Thanks for coming on this journey with me!

Disclosure: I am changing the first names and occasionally very specific identifying details so as to prevent any of the callers from being Googled since I have no way of contacting them all for their permission.

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  1. August 1, 2009 5:23 am

    I can’t wait.

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